Requests Zone

You can request a game you would to have added to this site.We will try to upload as soon as possible.All requests of games are taken into consideration and will add games according to it’s popularity & how many people request it.Also we can add old games on this site if you want these.Just post a comment below in the comments section.

We are all a family because we are all gamer and we can unite and build a strong community with loads of games for everyone to download easily.Don’t forget to share this site with your family and friends & also follow us on Facebook.


Before requesting be sure it’s not already on this website .You can search in above search box just type in the game you want before you request it.

  • joseph turvey

    could you please upload grand theft auto 5 thanks.

    • OK, we will try to upload it.

      • iiOmqShubzii

        Please can you upload Daxter or a Ratchet and Clank.Thank you.

  • SSnake

    can you please upload gta 4 or gta episodes from liberty city
    higly compresed bought and thank you for this site the best site of all time.!!!!!!!!!

    • Admin

      You are most welcome.OK will try to upload ASAP..

  • joseph turvey

    Could you please upload resident evil 7 thanks. you guys are amazing

  • Please upload saints row and GTA San Andreas beta version.


    plz resident evil 5 upload it highly compressed

  • kingabu

    can you upload ARK or subnotica pleas

    • Admin

      OK will try to upload ASAP..

  • SSnake

    hey admins i have a problem and i need help i download call of duty:modern warfare 4 and its work thank you but how can i mak it work online i mean multiplayer pls help me admins

  • Jonayed Hossain

    Hello guys, can you please upload Batman Arkham origins and warframe?
    And Thank you for this wonderful site, It is the best website ever. Keep up the good work.

  • Venkata Kishore

    Hello Sir,
    Could you please Upload THE CREW 1 & 2

  • Venkata Kishore

    Hello Sir,
    Could you please Upload THE CREW WILD RUN

  • Ananthu

    hello sir
    could you please upload GTA 3 pls

    • Admin

      OK I will try it.

  • Sunny

    I downloaded Doom 3 uploaded by UJ Gamer. But after installation, it is asking for CD Key. Please help.

    • The game is in repack version.It doesn’t require any CD key.Just unpack the game and play it from desktop.

      • Anmol

        help sir

  • siva

    can u plz upload southpark:the fractured but hole (pc).

    • This game is not release yet, the release date is 17 october 2017.We will try to upload as soon as it releases officially.

  • Raman

    please upload cricket 2018

  • Krishna


    Could You Please Upload THE CREW

    • tizo

      the crew is online game its not possible to play with crack

  • David

    Hi admin, can upload The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and Batman: Arkham Knight. Thanks

  • Brad

    terminator salvation the full game if u guys can get it

    • Okay, I will try…

      • Brad

        thank you so much

  • Asq

    is there cricket 17 is been uploaded

  • suraj

    Ea Fifa 18 please.

    • This game is not released yet we will try to upload it as soon as it release.

  • Latest Songs

    Please upload Resident Evil 4 i beg you please

  • Krish


    Con You Upload Need For Speed 2015

  • gamer

    Can you upload Fifa Street game?

  • SHIV


  • Jerry Crow

    Hello. Great site. Love it. Could you please upload The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim witht the DLC’s in english.
    I tried R.G. Mechanics and could only get Russian for some reason. Thanks in advance.

  • Plz upload GTA 4 and GTA 4 episode from Liberty city


    Plz upload hitman 5 : absolution ASAP ….. Great website ever !!!

  • 1998ameya

    hello can u plz upload red dead redemption and the last of us highly compressed …. thank you..

  • RGD

    requesting for counter strike 1.3

  • Wylvexs

    Can you uplosd Call of Duty 3 please
    Thanks for answer and nice website

    • This game is not release for PC.

      • Wylvexs

        Sorry i didn t know

  • RohitBS

    Can you please upload forza horizon 3 for pc?

  • RohitBS

    I download Dirt 3 from your website but it does not work properly.I try to launch the game and nothing happens after that.Please note that I have downloaded the crack too.

    Your help is appreciated.
    Thanks for the other awesome games I got from you.

    • It seems to be your graphics issue,if your graphics card meets the minimum system requirements then try to reinstall the game and make sure you have disabled your antivirus and windows firewall during installation.

      • RohitBS

        Works well now

  • sukhpal singh

    please upload the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate with The Last maharaja DLC

  • RohitBS

    Please upload Forza Horizon 3 for pc

  • RGD

    Admin: requesting for the game “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” for pc. thanks

    • This game is not release for PC.

  • Uzair Shawl

    please upload uncharted full game for pc

  • Sam

    Hello sir,
    Can you please upload call of duty advanced warfare highly compressed version along with all the dlc’s.
    Thank you

  • Murmur

    Good day, please upload injustice and mortal kombat. thank you

  • dinesh

    Hey Guys You Are Awesome…
    Thanks For This Wonderful Games..
    I Have A Little Bit Request For My Windows 10, 2 GB Graphics And 16 GB Ram

    I Request To You Guys For Far Cry 4 And Call Of Duty Black OPS Multiplayer For My Window 10
    Already Downloaded From Several Sites But Its Not Working I Try EveryThing Like Patch And Crack also Dll Injector.
    Help Me Buddies With This Stuff

  • 1998ameya

    please upload FARCRY SERIES and THE GODFATHER 2 please…

  • CRisman


    Can you please upload Starcarft 1 Remasterd Version


  • RGD

    i download counter strike v7.4 but its not english.

    • Nathan Handrick

      Who cares? might do a redneck like you some good to learn a new language

  • Admin & UJ can you please upload the call of duty advanced warfare deluxe edition with all the dlc’s along with the campaign.

  • karan

    Pls upload far cry 4 pls I really need that game

    • Nathan Handrick

      If you really NEED it then buy it you cheap piece of indian trash

  • vardhaman

    Thanks, man , yr work is awesome

    plz upload games system requirement wise so we can find more easily

  • mafia 3 stones unturned

  • please upload mafia 3 stones unturned

  • Mohamed

    please upload L.A Noire pc game
    please so soon

  • kishore

    Hello Sir,
    Could you please Upload THE CREW 1 & 2

    • We will try to upload…

      • Kishore

        thank you

  • Jerry Crowder

    How about The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim + DLC in english.
    Great site, keep up the good work. Thanks.

  • Rey

    u have much awesome games! and so easy to download with torrent, i have no request for now, i just want to say Thank you very much!

  • valy

    can you upload fifa 07 pls

  • tanveer

    can u upload devil may cry 0

    • Nathan Handrick


  • rick

    can u upload star wars empire at war and the add ons for it thanks

  • powerzone

    Can you please upload Carmageddon: Max Damage .


    • Okay, we will try to upload soon.

  • Legendary Gamer

    Hi Admin ,
    Can You Please upload league of legends,
    Thanks For other games

  • eyad

    Can you upload games for vulnerable devices?

  • can you upolad uncharted 3 drake’s deception game.I quite impressed with this site its very good.can also upload uncharted game all series. THANK YOU

    • Uncharted 3 is not released for PC yet..

      • Alfi Jose

        is uncharted 1 released for pc of so please upload it

        • Demon King

          Hey bro the entire uncharted series is only PlayStation exclusive.. So it has not been released for PC & Xbox..

  • valy

    can you please upload fifa 07

    • Okay, We will try to upload ASAP…

      • valy


  • Licmi{SRB}

    yo admins can someone find/upload magic ball collection?
    magic ball 1-2-3-4-Mega World Smash
    i see that you have magic ball 4 only 😐

    • Licmi{SRB}

      i found them all
      my upload
      magic ball 1+2+3+4+Mega world smash!FdwzGKTB!mlSFaUmN7BTC7yWgWosNvyURbNHpTLZJYAp5rnQ-884

  • Glenn

    i wish you could upload FINAL FATASY XII here

    • Nathan Handrick

      ….Not for PC dumbass

  • hey admin plz i need god father game

    • Nathan Handrick

      You need to learn English

  • rick

    are you guys able to upload company of heroes and the add ons please thank you guys

  • Monu

    Please Send the List of Games For My PC G41 Express Chipset

    • Nathan Handrick

      They don’t run a delivery service you moob

  • Peter

    hi guy s, could you Please upload quake 2& 4

  • The call of duty ghosts deluxe game is online game or offline game?

  • I have been asking for many months about call of duty advanced warfare. Now please please upload the game.

    • Nathan Handrick

      Go buy it you rat

  • Jon

    Hi, could you please try to upload OMSI 2 Bus Simulator because I can’t find a good and new crack. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you!

    • Nathan Handrick

      ….BUY IT

      • raj rajput

        hahahah man ya buy it lol man

  • karan

    Can you please upload uncharted 3
    Pls I really want to play the game

    • Nathan Handrick


  • Atul

    Can Your upload Asphalt 8 airborne PC Game

    • Arman Khan (Armani)

      ye pc par bhi chlti hai? lol

  • Manohar Chauhan

    witcher 3

  • Nathan Handrick

    Upload polybius….good luck with that one :p

  • Alfi Jose

    anyone please sent me the link to download stream files(audio) for gta san andreas

  • Arman Khan (Armani)

    postal 3

  • El cri

    Hello, please upload Starcraft Remastered.

  • Sayak Maity

    please upload far cry 5……mention date of when u will upload.

  • Aqraa Ahmad

    please j stars victore vs

  • Siva Surenthiran

    pls upload gothic series

  • Ayush Jariwala


  • Borislav Tomic

    can you upload please deep black reloaded thanks

  • owais zakira


  • Muhammad Zahid

    DMC SE 4 PC please upload it

  • Borislav Tomic

    Games DEEP BLACK read no connect to server .and stop working


    i need NFS PAYBACK

  • Jackson Butler III

    Games I need : starship troopers terran ascendancy and starshipp troopers 2005

  • Innocent Boy

    please upload for honor game witch rleased

  • Innocent Boy

    please please upload for honor game

  • Innocent Boy

    this website is very very good please upload the god of war 4

  • Innocent Boy

    please upload for honor game for pc

  • Thala deepak

    pls upload kindom and castles

  • Thala deepak


  • Thala deepak

    Please upload zombie Exodus

  • please upload far cry 3


  • please upload far cry 3

    Plz upload far cry 3

  • Anxhelo Shkurti

    fifa 09

  • Harshvardhan Singh

    Left 4 Dead 2 In English plzz

  • owais zakira

    F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn & F.E.A.R. 3 PLZZ ADMIN

    • Ok we will try.

      • owais zakira

        tysm ❀

  • owais zakira

    Gas Guzzlers Extreme plezz admin

  • owais zakira

    max payne 2
    max payne 3 plezzz

  • Ashis Sahoo

    would u plz upload a latest cricket game

  • John Lloyd GoodBoy Florendo

    Can you Upload? Def Jam For NY? PC

    • Not released for PC..

      • John Lloyd GoodBoy Florendo


  • John Lloyd GoodBoy Florendo

    Thank you

  • Ashok

    can you Upload starcraft 2 heart of the swarm PC GAME

  • itachi

    plz upload evolve ….!

  • John Lloyd GoodBoy Florendo

    Can you Upload Skate 2 or 3 Please?

  • John Lloyd GoodBoy Florendo

    Can you Upload NBA2K15 ?

  • Abhit Chimalgi

    Can you please upload more Dragon Ball Z games?! I’m pretty much satisfied with your service. It would be great if you could upload more Dragon Ball Z games like Raging Blast 2 , Burst Limit , etc.
    Thank You.

  • Frfrancisco Pacheco

    Please add AVATAR JAMES CAMERON THE MOVIE and please add MAXPAYNE 3 tank you

  • owais zakira

    max payne 2
    max payne 3 plezzz
    Gas Guzzlers Extreme plezz
    F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn & F.E.A.R. 3 PLZZ ADMIN

  • orlando albert

    hew i was hoping you could make the game, this is the police available
    idk if this will help but here is the steam link
    good luck with all the requests btw love this site

  • Rajesh RJ

    hai admin.i am rj, i would like to ask u to upload tekken 7 on ur site.. but compressed one.plz upload it for users like me

  • Sourav Mahato

    please upload need for speed payback 2017 with crack

  • Vivek Kumar

    please upload plants vs zombies garden warfare 1 and 2

  • Vivek Kumar

    i can’t wait

  • Talha Rizwan

    I need walking dead season 3

  • Altunia Mirza

    can you please upload nba 2k16 and major league baseball 2k12


    please upload fifa16

  • John Lloyd GoodBoy Florendo

    Im so Tired to wait the Skate2 πŸ™ Please admin.

  • Altunia Mirza

    hi you guys are so good. and your games work very well only site which i found them to work. and i am recommedning your website to friends and family. can you please upload this one game i see it on steam and it was released on pc i wanted to play this game very bad. can you please upload this game it will make be amazing and it would feel great.
    i am providing the picture below of the game

    • You are most welcome.OK will try to upload it.

  • moeez

    hello guys can yo please upload tekken tag tournament 2 for pc

    • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 not released for PC.

  • moeez

    hey guys can you please upload gta 4

    • OK Will try to upload ASAP.

      • moeez


  • Ubedullah Rajper Tahiri

    Please upload serious sam 1,2,3

  • Ubedullah Rajper Tahiri

    Please upload Painkiller game series

  • moeez

    What about Prototype 2 can you upload it

    • OK.

      • moeez

        please upload it fast

      • moeez

        thank you very much bro

  • David Fowler

    can you get astronear that would be nice

  • David Fowler

    valley where you have a cool suit and explore

    • OK will try to upload ASAP..

      • Demon King

        Plz admin & UJ plz plz upload these games plz plz 1) GTA 4 (2) the saboteur plz plz….

        • OK Will try to upload ASAP..

          • Demon King

            OK thanks admin but plz upload ASAP.. I’m eagerly waiting for these two games…..

  • robbie

    max payne 1, and borderlands 1 too. many thnx

  • Coby Logan

    thx for putting valley and astroneer you amazing πŸ˜‰ and am the one who asked even if its not on this account

  • Ashok

    can you Upload starcraft 2 heart of the swarm PC GAME.
    i posted it before also . i just want an answer…yes/no…
    plz say yesssssssss.s.

    • OK Will try to upload ASAP.

  • Altunia Mirza

    hi can you upload grand theft auto 5